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I am starting to learn about plotting and have a question about what does.

I get the definition "The show() function in pyplot module of matplotlib library is used to display all figures", but can never find what figures this refers to. The two examples I looked at:
# sample code 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt  
plt.plot([1, 2, 3, 4], [16, 4, 1, 8])  

# Implementation of matplotlib function 
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt 
import numpy as np 
fig = plt.figure() 
x = np.arange(20) / 50
y = (x + 0.1)*2
val1 = [True, False] * 10
val2 = [False, True] * 10
plt.errorbar(x, y,  
             xerr = 0.1,  
             xlolims = True,  
             label ='Line 1') 
y = (x + 0.3)*3
plt.errorbar(x + 0.6, y,  
             xerr = 0.1, 
             xuplims = val1, 
             xlolims = val2, 
             label ='Line 2') 
y = (x + 0.6)*4
plt.errorbar(x + 1.2, y, 
             xerr = 0.1,  
             xuplims = True, 
             label ='Line 3') 
fig.suptitle(' Example')
Seem to be not very good examples, because when I comment out the lines and execute the code again, it displays exactly the same result as before, when was not commented out.

Can someone explain to me (as if I were a fourth grader) what the purpose of is?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Alienspecimen

Interesting question, I found there is an interactive mode, in which plots are automatically displayed. You might be working in an environment which defaults to interactive mode. If you were to write a program and run it as a script, you typically would not be interactive mode. Here is the official docs and related functions:

Also see Appendix B in the below:
(Feb-26-2021, 03:20 AM)Alienspecimen Wrote: it displays exactly the same result as before, when was not commented out.
No it depend of what environment(Editor/IDE/Notebook) you run code in.
If run code from command line it will display nothing.
The purpose is to generate a way to display the result when no external environment is used.

So if put code in a Notebook it disaply fine without
But if i run same code from command line,it will display nothing without
λ python
# Nothing is shown

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