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Learning Focus
I'm told that learning all of Python is a huge task and probably not necessary for my particular purposes. My current plan is to use Python on Selenium to automate a number of online business processes. I'd also like to learn web scraping.

Should I narrow my focus and if so, what should that focus be? Thanks in advance!!

First, you should at least know python basics.
My favourite tutorials are:

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition
or, less technical:

For web scraping, Start here:

Web-Scraping part-1
Web-Scraping part-2
As @Larz60+ has suggested a few tutorials, I will also suggest following them. Moreover, some things are incredibly easy in python but once you get down to some serious problems, python is just as difficult as any other language. So, you need a complete roadmap to learn it.

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