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fpdf adding a new font to my report
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fpdf adding a new font to my report

I have created a class to set up the headers and footers for my pdf file.

In my header function inside the class, I would like the heading 'Book Inventory' to be in a different font.

I downloaded the font 'Good Vibes' and installed this in the windows->fonts folder on my computer.

The code I have in my .py file is:

self.add_font("Good Vibes Regular", "", "great-vibes.regular.ttf", uni=True)
self.set_font("Good Vibes Regular", "", 14)

When I run my code, the following error displays:

raise RuntimeError("TTF Font file not found: %s" % fname)
RuntimeError: TTF Font file not found: great-vibes.regular.ttf

Not sure what I have done wrong.

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