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Neural Art GUI- Create 60s style background videos
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Neural Art GUI- Create 60s style background videos
Neural Art GUI V0.11 (first release)
By Steve Shambles, July 2021

A very Basic GUI for Windows and Linux to create art videos easily and quickly.

[Image: neuralart-v011-screenshot.png]

Neural Art GUI allows you to create images, videos or animations of crazy shifting patterns

like in the 1960s music backgrounds. You know like in Austin Powers movies :-)

Here is a short example:

[Image: output.gif]

Based on Neural art example code on GitHub:

Requirements if running source code:

pip3 install neuralart

(this is a big install which includes pytorch, Pillow and numpy)

Both running from source or the executable needs

FFMpeg installed on your system (and on Windows path set.)

If ffmpeg is not installed properly Neural Art GUI will not work.

This is a work in progress, lots of improvements to make and there are a few bugs

(mostly with converting avi2gif),

as this is not essential to its use I have decided to release this version.

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