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m3u8 using build-in browser downloader?
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m3u8 using build-in browser downloader?
My PC is blocked from a video streamer site,
previously I could do this:
using selenium to extract the m3u8 file, Then using FFmpeg to download and convert the m3u8 file to mp4

now, if I access m3u8 using FFmpeg, the response is :
"HTTP error 403 Forbidden, Error opening input: Server returned 403 Forbidden (access denied)"

I can still access the site but only the first page, I can still play the video on that page,
But if I open a page on the same site, the result :
"Sorry, you have been blocked, You are unable to access"

now my question :
is possible to download m3u8 using the browser built-in downloader?
I do not ask for a complete code,
any clue, link, google keyword, python package, reference is enough,

thank you for reading,
have a nice day
What's the address of the m3u8?
(Mar-28-2024, 04:40 PM)Axel_Erfurt Wrote: What's the address of the m3u8?

1. is allowed to show a link?
2. as i said before : My PC is blocked from a video streamer site, yours probably not blocked
Update :
i tried to download the m3u8, but it failed,
downloading m3u8 counted as opening a new page,

the best result is using the m3u8 browser extension that does not open a new page
Do you have a specific link? I can test it.

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