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Linux friendly motherboard for intel i5 6600K
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Linux friendly motherboard for intel i5 6600K
Quote:one place i worked at had 756 disk drives and 32 tape drives
if you recall, limits back then were (usually) based on data size, usually with several bits reserved for identification.
yes a maximum of 8 bits (256 devices) per channel and (at that time) a maximum of 6 channels (we could have doubled the number of drives) on our pair of 370/168s running OS/MVS under VM/CP (we also had 4 other machines including a 370/158 which was operated kind of like my personal toy).

the 168's had 8 MB each and the 158 had 2 MB. that was a scary amount of RAM back then (my Apple II was maxxed out with 48 kB). today, my laptop has several times as much RAM as the total in that machine room. and faster, too.
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I remember the PCB instruction for Honeywell Easycoder, can't remember the BAL equivalent, but pcb was peripheral control and branch instruction, and machine code was:
65 01 00 52 64 01 31 ... (... were the options) Octal 65 was the pcb op code, 0100 was the buffer address 52 was the channel 64 had something to do with action taken if busy can't remember the rest
This was coded in through rectangular buttons on the front of the computer which lit up when pressed, they were in groups of three for each octal digit, and in three rows, instruction address, data address, and memory. I could punch in a rather long program like playing a musical instrument. The time it took wasn't a concern as the only other way to do it was to punch up a bunch of 80 column cards and read them in, still requiring a manually entered bootstrap.
I know I'm a bit late. But here are some Linux Friendly Motherboards for i5 6600k in 2020....
Check them here at Canonball Blog
Quote:I know I'm a bit late
Only by a couple of years, but it's always good to know what's out there.
Actually, I'm an old time gamer. I usually play one or two in the evening on steam.
So if I find one that is a gaming motherboard and supports linux that would be fun.

Actually, I went to Boston today (actually Cambridge) to Microcenter (.com). I spent quite
a while looking at motherboards. It seems like they all use UEFI BIOS. A few minutes ago
I found
so maybe ufei is OK

I will study your suggested site this evening.

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