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Need Recommendation for Training - Python for WebDev and Dashboards
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Need Recommendation for Training - Python for WebDev and Dashboards

Greatly appreciated if I could have some counsel on what training reads or courses (reasonably priced) that would help as a beginner in python development in two areas: (1)web site development (django platform preferably) and (2)python for creating dashboards/scorecards and graphics. I want to learn python first before tackling django...

I'm currently using a beginners guide to python, and while I've picked up the basics, its geared towards gaming development. I feel the need to be more focused in coding using the packages and modules more in keeping with web design and dashboards, vs. game development. I am currently working with mysql so hopefully to get expanded experience in partial stack development (html/css, python/django, mysql/postgre).

Any recommendations greatly appreciated...having a difficult time aiming correctly.

Thanks friends...

Depending on what your goals are, you honestly probably don't need to know much python. If you follow Django's tutorial, that should give you just enough to get data in and out of a database, which might be all you need.

I'd suggest starting here:
Then, if anything in particular seems mind-boggling, dig deeper into that particular thing.
I really appreciate your comment. I was hoping that was possible...but I my stage you don't know what you don't know...I'll forge ahead accordingly and thanks for your insight.

The language is a deep topic, especially if you start digging into the standard lib. If your goal is just to use python to interface with a database, then you really only need the bare minimum knowledge to be dangerous, lol.

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