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CPU recommendation for Python (11900K or 5950X)
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CPU recommendation for Python (11900K or 5950X)
Dear friends.

In Python, i have 10 different Python projects and my PC is running 7/24 only for 10 Python projects continuously.
But my PC is slow and i want to buy new PC.
I heard, there is some limitations for multicore processors in Python, like global interpreter lock (GIL).

I am thinking to buy Intel i9-11900K or Ryzen 5950X but i am note sure for which one is suitable for me.
Please give me your advise for to select fast and suitable CPU processor for my new PC.

Many thanks for your helps.
The GIL does make it difficult to use more than 1 core per python interpreter. My suggestion would by a fast processor, tons of RAM, and run multiple virtual machines running python and your apps. The VM software should allow you to distribute the processor cores and you can distribute the apps according to which ones are used more commonly, clustering apps that are less used to share a core.
You can avoid the GIL limitation by using the multiprocessing module. There is a caveat though, having to do with startup time.
There are many blogs available on the subject, google 'python avoiding the gil'.

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