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Please help! Akai APC20 midi controller script
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Please help! Akai APC20 midi controller script
Hi There!

I would like to change the remote script of my Akai APC 20 midi controller in Ableton ,I really rarely use the cue level,and it could change to up-down arrows,for example if I spin the encoder to right the red navigation grid move down,when I spin left it's move up,and this way much more comfortable and faster way of the move,I think.

Here is a video how I did with Bome Midi translator,sorry I have a not to good quality camera,but You can see it is working,with third party program,the script could be nice and easier way to do.

My script is here

If You have any tip for this,it would be welcome,or if You have time to edit the script,please tell me how much the price for this work!

Thank you!
Best wishes!

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