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trying to change variable value with a def
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trying to change variable value with a def
I really like the Socratica Youtube videos, watched the series and found they helped with such things. Matches my sense of humor.
The one on classes is Socratica class video
hi, I tried the classes by themselves and they operated fine, but now I want to add a GUI and a while loop to my code with 2 radio buttons. here is my code.

from time import sleep
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

root = Tk()
class LED:
    def __init__(self, ON, OFF, delay):
        self.ON = ON
        self.OFF = OFF
        self.delay = delay

    def LED_blink(self):

label = ttk.Label(root, text='ON')

def ONOFF():
    while var == 1:

    while var1 == 1:

Led = LED('ON', "OFF", 1)

var = IntVar()
var1 = IntVar()
radio1 = ttk.Radiobutton(root, text = 'Start', variable = var, command = ONOFF, value = 1).pack()
radio2 = ttk.Radiobutton(root, text = 'Stop', variable = var1, command = ONOFFSTOP, value = 1).pack()

whenever I press the start button it does nothing and stays pressed. help appreciated.

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