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Python "Terminal" vs "Shell"
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Python "Terminal" vs "Shell"
I have installed Python 3.6.0 on my machine.

From the Windows Start menu, the options for coding seem to be as follows:
- IDLE (Python 3.6 64-bit) ... Shell
- Python 3.6 (64-bit) ... Terminal

From doing some research they appear to have similar functions, with the Shell having some form of Graphical user Interface (GUI).

After installing the add-on packages "MeshPy" and "sectionproperties", the coding seemed to work in Python's Terminal window.

I tested the code in the following link (about halfway down the page).

It works in the Terminal window.
Te same code however does not work in the IDLE shell.

Can someone tell me what changes I need to make.
Python has no Terminal,what you talk about is what Windows OS build in cmd(Windows Command Line).
You also got a tutorial in other Thread posted bye @buran.

Quote:Te same code however does not work in the IDLE shell.
When start IDLE your in interactive mode see >>>,this is for testing shorter piece of code(Enter after every line).
To run code in link you posted File --> New File in this new window that opened copy in or write code.
Now File --> Save As example run code Run --> Run module(F5).
OK thanks for the direction.
This seems to work.

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