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how to pass javascript variables to url_for function in a flask template
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how to pass javascript variables to url_for function in a flask template
i need to dynamically generate parameters for url after clicking on <a href> link. having jinja code like this:

{% for i in data %}
  <a href='{{url_for("play", artist="???", album="???", title="???" )}}' onclick='clickfunc(link)'>{{ i }}</a>  <br>
{% endfor %}
how do i pass javascript variables for artist, album, title (on the place where are the question marks). this is my js function

  function clickfunc(link) {
  var t = link.innerText || link.textContent;
  var splitted = t.split(" - ")
  artist = splitted[0]
  album = splitted[1]
  title = splitted[2]
  return [artist, album, title];
is there a way to do it? so far i havent found any answer that would help
I'm not really understanding what you want to do. Why do you need to do anything client-side at all? Why not just build the links appropriately on the server (i.e. in the template, or wherever else you're doing it)? Please explain more.
This is actually what i wrote in my previous question. I am creating an online player and here I have a search box which returns songs from a databases that matches the search string searched Each line is clickable and each contains info about the artist name, album name, and song name.

What I want to do now is, that after clicking it will redirect me to specific url like this .../artistname/albumname/titlename where artistname albumname titlename will be different based on what was clicked. So if i click the first one it should be steveroach/possibleplanet/firstmurmer second should be steveroach/possibleplanet/cellmemory etc..

But i dont now how to create these dynamic arguments to be passed in jinja template in url_for function... How do i get the values of the clicked linked? I need to somehow interact with the fronend code i believe.

Or how should i solve it?
nobody knows...
(May-09-2020, 04:56 PM)experimental Wrote: solved...

how to solve this problem?

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