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Examples of Customer requirements
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Examples of Customer requirements
Hello world,
Any body know of a website that has made up customer scenarios that can help hone my python skills. For example:

This tire warehouse needs a program that does this, this, this, and that. Also more this and that. Please program this scenario using python to satisfy the customers requests while becoming more confident working with customers needs by doing cool code.

Is there anything like this out there with this style of example. I feel it would be very beneficial for begginers like me.

Also what's the technical name for a program that large warehouses use to keep track of inventory and sales and shipping and receivning info. I'm thinking its called inventory database but I could be wrong. Can you please clear this up for me. I find it an exciting focus.

Thanks alot.
Computer Astronaut.
search engines are your friend.

Bing query example: 'Tire Warehouse', 'this, this, this, and that', python example

will find amongst other results:

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