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Forum rules on posting a new separate question in one of your own threads
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Forum rules on posting a new separate question in one of your own threads
I have created this thread on knoxvilles_joker's behalf reference the following quote

(Apr-25-2021, 08:32 PM)knoxvilles_joker Wrote: To yoriz, normally I would reply to this with a direct message but that option is not available to me, is the intention to keep threads as singular as possible for solutions ability, or is it to demuddle things when folks are searching for things? The forum policies are not clearly delineated in the manner and in most help forums they typically want things self contained so experience bias is apparently creating behaviors counter to what you desire here. But this is also the first real educational forum I have had any amount of interactions on. I just have to be notified on how you want behaviors to occur so I can comply, but things were not clearly defined in the forum rules outside of the usual golden rule list of things, and the plagiarism/cheating stuff. Not sure if that is an ongoing discussion regarding posting guidelines and explicitly saying if your answer created another issue, create another thread type rule, or if that rule is buried in with the others as it did not stick out for me. Having written many, many, knowledge base articles myself, sometimes you miss things trying to cover all bases and it takes occurrences to hash out where tweaks need to occur. To say it another way it is hard to follow the rules when not all the rules are written as it is assumed they are implicitly understood or you are in a kangaroo court where the rules are what whatever anyone decides at any point in time which I sincerely doubt are the case here.

Under help, there is following (this is linked in my signature along with other useful information threads) Wrote:Posts to NOT make at all
A post in someone else's thread for your own separate problem. If you wish to reference the other thread, link to it in your own thread. This is especially true for "necro" posts, which is a post which has gone a great deal of time without any posts.
I would say this also applies to posting a new separate problem in your own thread, not just someone else's thread.
When someone asks a question, the goal is to get it answered. If it requires a long discussion that may side track that is fine. We dont treat this like Stack Overflow where we want solutions categorized by upvotes, etc. We see it is a digital conversation back and forth between numerous parties.

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