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Recommendation for Python IDE (with debugger, Windows platform)
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Recommendation for Python IDE (with debugger, Windows platform)
Dear all,

I am looking for a Python IDE with debugger on Windows. I use Python for data analysis, so no need in web/mobile applications development support. What would you recommend? I found that even Visual Studio 2017 supports Python. But it was no listed in "IntegratedDevelopmentEnvironments - Python Wiki" on this site.  Using MS platform for Python programming is somewhat odd... 

Thanks for the help, 
IDE's are personal, therefore you have to try a bunch to see what you like best.

The most popular seem to be atom:
and PyCharm community edition:
PyCharm(Free Commuity) has most tool out of the box.
Spyder is good,Jupyter notebook is good if you are doing data analysis stuff.
What Python people use is a personal mess of a lot of stuff  Doh
I use Atom with terminal(cmder under Windows) and ptpython as REPL.
vadim_datascience Wrote:Using MS platform for Python programming is somewhat odd... 
It has got a lot better,
i have two part tutorial Part-1, Part-2 about Python in a Windows environment.
Excellent, thanks a lot.
It seems that MSVC 2017 installed Python 3.6 of its own (in Program Files). Should I use it or install Python according to your instructions?
(May-21-2017, 05:37 PM)vadim_datascience Wrote: Should I use it or install Python according to your instructions?
No, Program Files is okay.
Just check that all work like python pip command work from anywhere is cmd.
Look into at cmder,in Part-2.
I have Geany, Atom, PyCharm C., IPython, Ninja IDE, Sublime Text,Jupiter, Jupyterlab, vim with some extras.
I mostly use Atom and Geany. Vim sometimes.
"As they say in Mexico 'dosvidaniya'. That makes two vidaniyas."
Since I used Snippsat's advice and downloaded cmder, I never use the MS cmd.
cmder is excellent

Add the registry entry as below (also suggested by snippsat in an earlier post)

Execute .\cmder.exe /REGISTER ALL If you get a message "Access Denied" ensure you are executing the command in an Administrator prompt.

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