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[Tkinter] Tkinter don't change the image
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[Tkinter] Tkinter don't change the image
Hello everyone.
I am using Python 2.7(if it nescessary).

Here is my code
from Tkinter import *
from PIL import Image, ImageTk
from os.path import exists
from pathlib import Path



file_dir = "bk.png";

def img_reset():

	#Load img
def move():
	global lab;

The code don't change lab 's image to "a.png", it still "bk.png"(line 19)
Thank you for helped me. Smile

  1. Python 2.7 reached end of life January 1, 2000 see:
  2. in python 3, you must change from Tkinter import *
    To: from tkinter import * (change case of tkinter)
    better to import specific modules, but won't cause an issue.
  3. (line 3) is never used
  4. pathlib is not supported by python 2.7, requires 3.6 or newer
  5. img1 (line 13) is never used

I'd suggest looking at a sample and retrying (random example:
As Larz60+ recommended upgrade to python3. After the recommended link, here is a snippet to work with.

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import PhotoImage

def change_img(parent, label, images):
    if label['image'] == str(images[0]):
        label['image'] = str(images[1])
        label['image'] = 'pyimage1'
    parent.after(3000, lambda: change_img(parent, label, images))

root = tk.Tk()
img1 = PhotoImage(file='path/to/image1')
img2 = PhotoImage(file='path/to/image2')
label = tk.Label(root)
label['image'] = img1
img1.image = img1
img2.image = img2
root.after(3000, lambda:change_img(root, label, (img1, img2)))
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