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how to run linux command with multi pipes by python !!
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how to run linux command with multi pipes by python !!
hey all ..
i am trying to run this command on my machine by using python subprocess module ...
command :
ping -c 1 -t 1 -w 1 | grep "ttl=" | awk {'print $4'} | sed 's/.$//'

import subprocess

q=['ping', '-c' ,'1' ,'' , '| grep ttl' , ' awk {"print $4"}' , " sed 's/.$//'"], capture_output=True)
i dont get an error i just get an empty result !!

import subprocess
q= subprocess.check_output("ping -c 1 -t 1 -w 1 | grep 'ttl=' | awk {'print $4'} | sed 's/.$//'", shell=True)
import shlex
from subprocess import PIPE, Popen

def run_pipes(cmds):
    Run commands in PIPE, return the last process in chain
    cmds = map(shlex.split, cmds)
    first_cmd, *rest_cmds = cmds
    procs = [Popen(first_cmd, stdout=PIPE)]
    for cmd in rest_cmds:
        last_stdout = procs[-1].stdout
        proc = Popen(cmd, stdin=last_stdout, stdout=PIPE)
    return procs[-1]

cmds = [
    "ping -c1",
    "grep ttl",
    "awk '{print $4}'",
    "sed 's/.$//'",

last_proc = run_pipes(cmds)
stdout = last_proc.stdout
for line in stdout:
    line = line.decode()
    print(line, end="")
The function shlex.split splits a string like the shell is doing it.
This is useful to split the command. Using shell=True is not so good because it makes vulnerabilities possible.

This part here, can be done with Python instead of rely on os dependend tools.
For example, grep, awk and sed are not installed on Windows.
grep 'ttl=' | awk {'print $4'} | sed 's/.$//'"
The ping command itself could still be used because it's almost everywhere available.
Some options differs from implementation to implementation. So Windows-Ping has for example some different options.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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